Painting and Decorating Services

Painting Services

Our job is to make your home and business premises a reflection of your style, a place that you will be proud off, we can help you create a beautiful, comfortable, and unique living space for you, your family and your colleagues to enjoy. Property Pac offer outstanding residential, commercial & industrial painting and decorating services as well as property maintenance to satisfy these needs.

Residential Painters & Decorators

Residential decorating services for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways and more. Property Pac is Chester,North West and North Wales foremost residential painters and decorators, delivering interior and exterior painting and decorating, design and refurbishment services. We can create a vibrant and welcoming home for you to love and enjoy every single day. Our workmanship speaks for itself, with our high standards, industry knowledge and customer care producing wonderful results that you can see for yourself in our residential case studies section.

Commercial Painters & Decorators

Commercial decorating services for all work spaces including offices, airports and more. Operating with a many years of experience, the Property Pac offers exceptional commercial painting and decorating services in Chester and throughout the North West and Wales. Property Pac is able to provide a full set of services for you, including internal and external painting, as well as full refurbishments. We are also experts with specialised paint that turns any smooth surface, your office wall for example, into a canvas for you to write down ideas and brainstorm.

School Painters & Decorators

Decorating services for educational establishments inc. schools and universities. We have established ourselves as leading painters, decorators and refurbishers of schools in Chester, North West and North Wales. Schools are likely to encounter issues with paint wear and tear and scratches to surfaces over the years, to name but a couple. Some others are in need of complete redecorating. Property Pac qualified and experienced staff bring exceptional painting, decorating and refurbishment services, allowing us to bring these capabilities and deliver the finest results for schools.

Tower Block Property & Flat Refurbishment

Exterior painting for window frames, garage doors, external walls, fencing and decking. Tower blocks and flat blocks do not only need their interiors looking beautiful, but the exterior is also crucial to the feel and environment of the block property. Over time, especially in areas with higher amounts of pollution like Chester, block properties can gather stains on their exterior, while general maintenance of the roof, windows, doors, chimney and drainage systems is crucial. These areas may become faulty or appear worn over the years. As a result,Property Pac tower block refurbishment and flat block refurbishment service in Chester, North West and North Wales provides the solution.

Retail Painters & Decorators

Retail stores are designed to attract potential customers. If they seem uninviting in the slightest then this is able to put off these customers and result in a decline of sales. Property Pac has many years of experience delivering retail store painting and decorating services, bringing out the best in these retail environments and ensuring that the maximum amount of customers walk through those doors and are wowed by the store itself.

Office Fit Out & Refurbishment

Having a professional space which evokes your brand and facilitates your growth is the dream for every office manager or employee. The wellbeing of staff in the office is essential to the team's performance, and so providing office fit out and refurbishments can create a happier office, great first impression for clients, and a vibrant surrounding that gets the most out of employees. Property Pac delivers beautiful, functional office fit out and refurbishments in Chester, North West and North Wales.

Workplace Design & Space Planning Consultancy

Are you considering redesigning or adapting your current office workspace? Engaging and vibrant office environments are at the centre of an employees' enjoyment of their time at work, and so it is crucial that you create the right environment for your employees who enable your business to work and thrive. Property Pac offers a workplace design consultation services to commercial offices in Chester, North West and North Wales. This service is designed to maximise the potential of a company's office and includes options to redesign, refurbish, or simply redecorate the office in order to improve its environment.

Office Maintenance & Aftercare Consultancy

Every office requires small works and maintenance over time due to wear and tear, potentially influencing the productivity of employees or posing health risks. As a result, Property Pac office maintenance and repairs service in Chester, North West and North Wales were designed for large-scale offices who require facilities performance improvements and small works repairs. Areas that may require maintenance are plumbing units, electrical works (lighting), decoration and painting touch-ups or joinery alterations, amongst others.


We have set up dedicated teams of painters, decorators and tradesmen who only specialise in residential, commercial and industrial painting making sure that you get the correct team of tradesmen that fits the needs of your next project.


We can accommodate any size of project from a small paint job which needs completing quickly to a large project which needs quality time and planning spent on it, we know we can accommodate all of your requirements here at Property Pac.


Whether you require interior or exterior painting and decorating in or both, we’re confident that you won’t find a painting decorating company that ticks more of the boxes than the dedicated team here at Property Pac.


At Property Pac, through our commercial painting and decorating services we offer more ideas, solutions and a wide range of choices than any other painting company. We have an excellent team that comprises of the best commercial painters and decorators in Chester. We are based in Chester but operate throughout North West.

Do you have a commercial premise that requires painting? We will ensure that we transform your premises into a business friendly environment that will suit your tastes and preferences and be appealing to your clients. Do you have a commercial building that needs a makeover? We have a reliable team that will take your worst case scenarios and turn it to perfection.

Licensed and insured

These latest systems use only pure, filtered water to achieve perfect results. The soft bristle brush removes dirt particles and smears on the glass and the pure water can be left to dry naturally without leaving water stains. This technique also means windows stay clean for longer, as there is no soap residue to mix with rain and create stains later.

  • Pubs & clubs
  • Offices & shops
  • Social housing
  • Schools & colleges
  • Warehouses & factories
  • Hospitals & care homes


If you are in the market for industrial painting solutions then Property Pac will provide you with services you require. Our qualified team of industrial painters have years of experience and a proven record of providing quality industrial painting services. We have some of the best industrial painters in Chester who are committed to providing a excellent service.

We are able to accommodate all types of clients regardless of the size of their premises, whether the facility is occupied or empty. We also ensure that even when there are strict deadlines to be met that we can provide the best results. This is because our industrial painters have received extensive training and are well practiced in the expert delivery of high quality industrial painting and can work efficiently and professionally to effectively fulfil all the requirements for your industrial painting project. We guarantee that our services will surpass your expectations every time.

We focus our employees and their efforts on the importance of fulfilling customer expectations because we understand that our clients are the people who keep us running. We offer you quality packages and results, and more importantly great value for your money. If you are thinking industrial painting, think Property Pac. We are your one stop contractor. We offer what most industrial painting companies cannot offer, choices! We are able to offer you more ideas and better solutions.

  • Fire protection intumescent coatings
  • Waterproofing and protection – decks, roofs, bunded areas
  • Two-pack epoxy eoatings – floors, steel, marine areas, graffiti protection
  • Decorative finishes – multiflec and zolatone
  • Asbestos encapsulation


Here at Property Pac our residential painting services are a huge part of our business. We have worked in hundreds of homes covering Chester and all over North West, We provide the highest level of painting and decorating with unprecedented quality.

Our team of residential painter and decorators are interior and exterior painting experts – from living rooms to kitchens,bedrooms to bathrooms, and everything in between. When you are looking for a home painting service, look no further than Property Pac – our team has the experience to get the job done right.

We try our best to be perfect but on a rare occasion paint may paint may peel or a stain may reappear, if that happens just give us a call and we will be more than happy to go back to your home to repair it. We know that if our work isn’t left in a perfect condition then you won’t leave us good reviews or tell your friends and neighbours how brilliant we are.