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Painting and Decorating

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We are experienced residential and commercial decorators, carrying out interior and exterior painting and decorating that would include thorough or light preparation, clean-ups, or high class finishes. We are also quite capable of wallpapering and doing smaller amounts of building work. We deal with projects from small bungalows to large blocks of flats, schools, churches and even factories.

Retail Painting & Decorating Services to Aid You in Drawing More Customers

You take a big step in your life when you establish a retail store. If your store can either, make your career as a successful businessman or cause a huge and non-recoverable loss. Therefore, you should do everything it takes to ensure great success in your retail business. Although marketing and promotions will play the most important role in drawing customers, you should not ignore the interior of your store. It is the interior that attracts new customers. Regulars will come to you regardless of how perfectly or badly maintained your store is. They will not contribute to your growth because you must draw the attention of new customers. It can be possible if your store’s interior is eye-catching and the walls are painted with impressive colours. Being one of the top-rated commercial painting and decorating contractors in Chester, we have some great retail painting and decorating ideas. So, if you are willing to offer a makeover to your retail store, let’s discuss your needs now.

Does it really matter how your retail store looks?

Many people might say that it does not make a difference how a store looks from inside. They mainly believe that the products and services are what matters. Well, this kind of thinking takes the business towards the loss. You will have to invest in your store in order to extract a huge profit out of it. Today’s customers are very smart. Online shopping is already diminishing the business or local retail stores in Chester. Many people now prefer to buy online instead of visiting local stores for buying products. If your customers are reducing and you are facing loss in your business, now is the time to take a look at the interior. You need to provide something more than just good products and services. You must focus on offering an exceptional and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. It will be possible only if you pay attention to the interior maintenance of the store. Many experts believe that colours play a very important role in decision making and how the people react emotionally when they enter a shop. Before checking the product, the customer will certainly look at your store and develop a perception of a great or bad store. Your customer’s perception about your store will totally depend on how beautiful the interior is. Suppose your store is perfectly maintained and the walls are colourful, your customer will pay more attention to your marketing skills. It will help you in selling your products faster without any hassle. You might not believe it, but different colours encourage customers to take different actions. As a retail store owner, you must know the right colour for your walls in order to encourage the customer to take the right action. Let’s check how different colours influence your customers.


A lot of retail stores are painted with the orange colour because it encourages the buyer for taking an action. Although some call it an aggressive colour, you can consider it more as a colour that spreads energetic vibe in the store.


When you want to create a sense of urgency in your customer’s mind, you should paint the retail store’s walls with red colour. Many shops in the malls are painted red to draw more eyes.


If there are many stores like yours in the tow and you want to stand out as the best option, choose the yellow colour for your store’s interior. It will help you in grabbing the attention of your customers.


The green colour also called the colour of wealth. If your retail store is painted in green colour, it will aid the customers in making some big deals. The human eyes can easily process this colour and that’s why many retail outlets use this colour.


The pink colour is often considered as a romantic and feminine colour. It can be the best choice for stores that sell cosmetics, women products, and for selling romantic gifts. It is also great for general stores that sell a variety of products as gifts, cosmetic items, etc.


If you want to make your customers feel safe and secure when they are shopping at your store, you should use blue colour to decorate the walls. It creates a sense of safety and that’s why large departments and banks paint blue colour on the walls. As you know there are many colours and each colour creates a different mood. We have listed just a few but you can get comprehensive details on which colour you should use to paint your store. You will have to contact us in order to that because we would be happy to serve you and help you in picking the right colour combination.

Why should you hire us?

As a retailer, your priority would be paying less and getting a top-notch paint job in your retail store. We know that because we also expect the same from our painters. Our team includes only experienced and expert painters. We do not recruit amateurs in our team because we want to deliver top-notch retail painting and decorating solutions. Along with experience, our painters are highly trained to practice different kinds of painting methods and equipment. It helps us in offering an exceptional finish. Along with all the other things, we focus on delivery flawless customer experience. Our team will constantly be in touch with you to inform about the progress of the painting work and decorating work. We would love to listen to your suggestions and implement them if you want any modification. We are dedicated to turning your retail store into the most charming place for buying products in Chester. That’s why you should hire our support. We have painted and decorated numerous retail outlets, offices, and industries in Chester. All of our clients have praised our support and recommended our painting and decorating services to other retailers. You will also do the same when we will finish the retail painting and decorating work on your site.

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