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Property Refurbishment

Property Maintenance

Save money, time and dramatically reduce the hassle factor

PropertyPac Refurbishment Chester offers full-service property portfolio maintenace services to Chester landlords. Landlords with rental investments in Chester use us to look after their tenants, day to day maintenance, refurbishment and related finances.


We ensure that time management is at the heart at what we do. However, we do our best time find a balance of time and quality to ensure that we genuinely offer customer a value-added exercise.


When we say that we have total property solutions, We genuinely mean it. We try to act in the most ethical manner possible when consulting clients with honesty and integrity, we will provide you the most cost effective solutions to your property problems from little things like respraying an existing kitchen rather than tempting the customer to purchase a new one! The list could go on!


Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a property project… That’s why its at the top of our list too! You provide us with an opportunity and we will return it with a high end quality product.


We will always go an extra mile to honour commitments and achieve that perfect finish. Our reliability, transparency and reputation is something we are extremely proud of.

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